Just simply purchasing and installing automatic fire suppression and lubrication systems for preserving your equipment is not enough. Regular inspections by the user and by an independent expert are of great importance.

All our systems have certifications recognized worldwide. The quality of Wiejelo Equipment products meet the highest possible standards. However, to ensure a long service life for our products, equipment need timely service and maintenance.

Our Service Department is able to assist you with any kind of service and maintenance.

We offer telephone support and a 24-hour breakdown service, in combination with maintenance contracts. Furthermore, we can remotely monitor your material and ensure periodical maintenance and possible adaptations.

We carry out regular checks of the fire suppression systems, where our technicians go over the entire installation and parts of the systems using a check list. After this, the systems are again approved for a certain period.

For more extensive information about the functioning and application of our fire suppression systems for buses, please feel free to contact us on +47 455 05 846 Epost:

What type of service are you looking for?

What type of service are you looking for?


We help you find the best solution according to your needs.